Thursday, January 1

Happy New Year 2009 from!

May the new year brings prosperity and good luck to all of us. New challenges awaits ...

Sibu R/C flyers New Year Eve night fly event

Went to cover my r/c buddies night flying event today, on the eve of the new year. Lotsa spectators watching us as we tear the dark skies with our LED-filled slow fliers. I was gonna bring my profile depron F22 but after thinking that I might fly it to the mighty Rajang river due to my inexperience in night flying, I canceled and brought my camera equipment instead.

Martin, Desmond, Kong and others preparing their planes for night flying.

The star of the night : LED R/C kite. Very, very bright indeed.

Martin installing LED on his plane. Bright eh?

Martin's Yak passing by Paramount Hotel.

Tuesday, December 30

Alert : Fake carbon fiber helicopter blade on sale

Watch out when buying CF heli blades, a friend discovered this when he broke his. Bought it at Hong Kong. The outer surface feels and looks like real carbon fiber weave, but its actually a sticker pattern imprinted on the blade surface. Inside is filled with foam like material and strengthened by a piece of CF tube.

Cheap alternative but deadly. Imagine those blades breaking in mid flight and flying towards your eyes ...